Thursday, June 30, 2011


I created this blog in conjunction with a graduate class at Walden University.  The class focuses on integrating technology into the classroom.  This has been a focus of many schools lately.  I am hoping to learn ways to continue focusing on content while using technology as a tool.

Last year, I was the technology liaison alternate at my school.  This gave me a great opportunity to learn about new technologies and ways to engage the students.  I was also able to attend a MSET (a state-wide technology conference) and ISTE (an international technology conference).  Both of these conferences opened my eyes to new ways to include technology.

I have enjoyed integrating my interactive whiteboard and netbook computers into the instruction of the class.  However, many teachers at the conferences are going beyond their classroom to integrate wikis and blogs.  My concern is for keeping my students safe on the web.  I am moving to fifth grade this year where they are very tech savvy.  I would love to open our classroom and invite the public to comment on my students' work. I hope to be able to find the best ways to keep students safe while teaching them responsible computing.

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