Wednesday, November 7, 2012


ISTE created a list of NETS for teachers.  These will help me become a better educator and integrate technology into my classroom.  I model digital age work and learning for my students on a daily basis.  When they have a question, we go to the internet to find the answer.  I use my SMART board to make my lessons interactive.  I also engage in professional growth and leadership.  Participating in an online graduate program has allowed me to speak to other educators about integrating technology.

There are a few NETS that I feel that I need to work on.  My school only has one computer in the classroom because the students go to computer class twice a week.  I need to work on facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity.  My students can use the few computers we have available to collaborate with other students in different environments.  They can web conference with other classrooms. 
I would also like to design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments.  I incorporate tools and resources to promote student learning, but I do not always promote creativity.  I need to work on personalizing activities for my students based on their learning styles and abilities with technology.

My GAME plan:


  • Inspire student learning and creativity using web 2.0 tools.
  • Personalize activities for my students based on their learning styles and abilities.


  • Work with computer teacher to find times that the lab is free.  This will allow time for web 2.0 tools.
  •  Ask for another computer in my classroom.
  • Give a survey to see how each student learns best.
  • Give formative assessments using these tools and learning styles.  
  • Make observations of how the students are doing.
  • I will evaluate my students and my teaching after each lesson.  

Do any teachers have suggestions for how to improve on these NETS with limited technology?

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  1. It is tough being in an environment with limited technology, but it sounds like you do have some options having a SMART board and at least one computer in your classroom. As one teacher mentioned in the resource videos this week, focus on using the interactive board to its full capabilities. Students should be constantly up at the board interacting with the content on the board (Laureate Education, Inc., 2009). I know a teacher who set up her SMART Board as a center. One of the activities she would do was give the students a prompt and an option of ways they could respond using the board. One of the options was to draw a picture. She was amazed at the creativity of her students when they had a huge board to use and showcase their work. I realize this may work better for some grade levels than others.

    You also mentioned your students go to computer class twice a week. I realize this may be your planning time, but would the computer teacher be open to collaborating with you on a project related to something they are doing inside the classroom? Then you could take advantage of having a classroom set of computers and working with a teacher to implement the technology. It probably would help to have extra hands when implementing such an assignment the first time anyway. I hope this helps generate some ideas!


    Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2009). Integrating technology across the content areas. Baltimore, MD: Author.

  2. I think a great way to promote creativity is to use things like iMovie, if you have Mac, or PowerPoint. I have also heard of Prezi. There are online tools like Glogster, which is an online poster making site, or Blabberize, which allows you to upload a picture and record your voice. You also make a mouth so it looks like it is talking.(great for short animal reports). If you teach kids how to use these activities, you can give them whatever assignment you want and they can be very creative in how to present it. In PowerPoint, they choose backgrounds, animations and pictures to add to their presentation. I think it is fun to give an assignment to students, for example we are doing healthy habits right now, and then see how different they come out. If you can work with the computer teacher to teach some of these presentation tools, kids could be very creative. I find my kids3rd grade) need an extremely short time for me to give them the basics and then I can let them jump in and walk around to help. They learn so fast! Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the tools to try. They are really helpful. I have used Prezi with my students. It was very engaging, but it took a really long time to create. I do not know if I just need more time or if it is just that difficult. I appreciate the ideas!

  3. Whitney,

    I have looked into collaborating with the computer teacher. She has been great about extending what we do in class and allowing my class time in the lab during her planning period. I had not thought about making the SMART board a center. That is a great idea! I have used Mimio and Promethean before, but this is my first year with a SMART board. I am still learning all of the capabilities.

    1. I have not used a Mimio board before. I have used Promethean the most, but a lot of them have similar capabilities. That is great you have a computer teacher willing to collaborate and allow your class time during her planning period. I know it can be inconvenient, but I guess working in a school you have to work around other schedules. I'm not sure if SMART has a website like Promethean does called Promethean Planet. It might be worth looking into as that has been a huge resource for me in the past when I had access to a Promethean Board.