Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monitoring My GAME Plan

I have been able to find the information and resources that I need to carry out my GAME plan.  Thankfully, other teachers have shared ideas for web 2.0 tools that do not require e-mail addresses and allow teachers to monitor the accounts.  I have sent a request to the Head of Schools to see if could be used in the classroom.  I also sent him an animoto on how we use technology already.  I am hoping that this will help me go forward in my goal to inspire student learning through web 2.0 tools.  I also want to personalize the learning experience for my students.  This is still a struggle because of the lack of technology available.  It looks as though the school will be purchasing tablets for next school year.  However, the computer teacher is posting a schedule for the lab starting next week.  This should help my goal.

I do not need to modify my action plan.  I think that I will be able to meet my goals based on my current actions.

I have learned that to change the technology policy and attitudes at my school requires a lengthy process.  I had hoped since I teach at a small Christian school, it would only take a week or two.  It looks like it will be at least a month because the school ministry team has to approve my request.  My students completed a survey on their learning styles this week.  It opened my eyes to the varying styles within our class.  Many of them prefer to use music and technology to learn.  I use this strategy in most of my lessons so I feel that I am at least reaching my students.

Right now I am questioning the timeline on meeting my goal.  The school has requested that I find acceptable technology use policies from other schools that we could adapt.  If any teachers have a policy that they could share, this would speed up my process.


  1. Kate,
    It sounds like you are making an effort to help your school make some positive changes. I understand about teaching in a small setting that it seems like things could get accomplished faster, but they do not.

    I think once your school purchases tablets it will be a lot easier. Are they purchasing them for each classroom or will they be on a rotating cart? The only problem I perceive is if there are not enough for teachers to have access to when they need them. It is great you have a computer teacher willing to work with you in creating a lab schedule.

    My school does not have an acceptable use agreement that is written. I am hoping to help them make that change as well, although there is a spoken code of expectations. The main concern they have is limiting social media use, but I want to help them make that more concrete because I think there are times where social media could be used in the classroom. I also want to make sure they include Web 2.0 tools as being acceptable for use in the classroom if certain precautions are made. Have you tried searching for acceptable use policies that are posted on the internet?


  2. Whitney,

    I am spending this week looking for policies on the internet. It is a lot of reading!

    It looks like we will be getting tablets on a cart. They will be available via a sign-out sheet. It is a small school with only 2 teachers per grade.

    Thanks for your ideas.